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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A message from Michigan Democratic Party Chairman, Mark Brewer :

"The Republicans are determined to waste $10 million of taxpayer money on an unnecessary presidential primary on February 28th. To make matters worse, they're trying to drag Democrats into it, despite the fact that we have chosen not to participate.
In order to confuse and disenfranchise Democratic voters, Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson placed President Obama's name on the February 28th ballot solely to create partisan mischief. Our attempts to keep the President's name off of the ballot were ignored. Therefore, the Michigan Democratic State Central Committee has decided not to enforce the party rule that prevents Democrats from participating in both the presidential primary and the MDP's presidential caucuses on May 5, 2012.
We won't let Republicans confuse or disenfranchise Democrats. Democrats who vote in the primary will not be banned from participating in our caucuses.
Please read the MDSCC's resolution from this past weekend's meeting and share it with at least 10 of your friends. Please post it to your websites and social network accounts. We need to get the word out to alleviate confusion and make sure no Democrats are disenfranchised."

The original email can be found at the following link :;jsessionid=55C8AADDCB85B5F87E9A5A07A9EFF875.jport-us010#6

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  1. This brings to light, in my mind, the fact that we need an open primary. Whether Dems or Reps are running a primary we're spending $10 million dollars on a poll nominally off-limits to independents - and easily confused for off-limits to Democrats too! $10 million dollars in tax-payer money should be spent on a poll clearly open to all - because in addition to the person with a 50/50 shot of becoming the president, there are other ballot initiatives to decide on as well.

    Nick in Big Rapids