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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A lot is at stake in this election ...

In one week from this writing we will have, collectively - as a nation, voted on a myriad of questions and candidates and in some cases altered the future of this nation's politics and freedoms for decades to come. As a grandfather I'm concerned that a more conservative government and court will deprive the children of future generations of their inherit right to be adequately represented and served by their government.
The government that's big enough to wage global war must not do so to the detriment of the citizens comprising the nation that supports them. That's kind of like a snake eating it's own tail. We, as Americans, do not desire to exist soley to support the ability of our generals to wage war and the companies which thus profit from war ( ie. Halliburton ). Peace must be desired by the largest destroyer or death will become us, entirely, and we will be consumed.  The " military- industrial complex", that President Eisenhower warned against, conspired with the oil-intelligence complex and in 1963 conducted a coup that led immediately to the escolation of the Viet Nam conflict. Since 1963 these shadowy and secret cabals have used every means available to manipulate government to achieve their ends.
 I fear that a Republican controlled government will usher in a dark and oppressive time and that America's servicemen and women will be "cannon fodder" for the next un-necessary war.
Truth, peace and the righting of government will be the responsibilities of the next generations which the right wing conspires to deprive of public eduation and socio-economic justice. As those of my generation approach the " golden years" we are threatened by the agenda of the Republican Party but also share a collective shame that we didn't want to believe it could happen - at least in our lifetimes. Thus, those future generations will have to fight against tremendous odds to raise the nation from it's ashes and re - establish the United States as a bastion of freedom and human progress.
It's now upon us to use the only tool at our disposal to resist the darkness of that gathering storm - a Republican government - our vote.
The Vote is the one tool that can create a renaissance or permit the darkest period in American history.
I urge you to vote emphatically for Democrats in this election - it's not just our election to lose - it's our future.