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Monday, February 13, 2012

Neo-Nazis in the U.S. Military ...

Last week there were pictures of U.S. Marines displaying a Nazi “SS” flag and now a U.S. Army Base named “Combat Outpost Arayan” ? Such displays and actions are a disgrace to the respective services. Apparently the soldiers involved do not know or understand the devastation caused by the designers of Nazi symbols and crimes against humanity perpetrated by Nazi soldiers during WWII. Further, they must be totally ignorant of how many American & Allied service members were killed defeating the forces of militarism and fascism. Of course, they know and their intent is obvious. The Marines displaying the “SS” flag should be court-martialed and discharged with dishonorable discharges for bringing disgrace on the U.S. Marines and the United States. The Combat Out Post incident is of a greater significance as it indicates a systemic failure of the U.S. Army. There should be no Non Commissioned Officer or Officer who does not know and understand the significance of the usage of the word “Arayan”. The use of the term as an outpost name seems to indicate that there are no leaders paying attention over there and that the U.S. Armed Services are paying neo Nazis to obtain basic training and combat experience. What’s next ? An Air Base named after Herman Goering ? An Army Base named after Adolf Hitler ? It’s time to shake up the services from the top down and by making an example of all concerned and all officers responsible. This is totally unacceptable and is a disgrace to the United States and all service members past and present.

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