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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Here is the newly formed 1st Congressional District - the largest Congressional District east of the Mississippi River. This is not just any ordinary Congressional District - it's ours and it's unique in that it is THE Northern Michigan Congressional District.

This is what's at stake in this year's primary election on August 7th and in the general election in November. At question in August's election is whether we accept and / or will allow the politicos in Lansing to chose who THEY want to be OUR Congressman. Their pick is Gary McDowell ( he lost to Dan Benishek in the 2010 election ).

When we cast our votes on August 7th we must ask ourselves - Are we the beneficiaries of politics in which we have no input ? Would we benefit from representation by their candidate who apparently is indebted to them and not the Democrats of NORTHERN Michigan ?

Republican Congressman Benishek is extremely vulnerable in this election year and if a NORTHERN Michigan candidate, chosen by NORTHERN Michigan Democrats defeats him it puts those who would force their candidate on us into the uncomfortable position of having to take us seriously in the future - even listening to our views and respecting our politics. Derek J. Bailey is the man of our time, of NORTHERN Michigan, respected above and below the Mackinac Bridge, young, energetic, intelligent, experienced and ready to represent the largest Congressional District east of the Mississippi.

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