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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Northern Michigan Democrat 2012 Voting Guide

Northern Michigan Democrat 2012 Democratic Voting Guide
Tuesday November 6th

Print & Take With You to VOTE ...

Federal Candidates:
President BARACK OBAMA and Vice President JOE BIDEN


U.S. Senate Candidate
  • Your Democratic Congressional candidate

1st Congressional District - GARY McDOWELL
106th State House District – KEN HUBBARD

Michigan Supreme Court: Vote for 3
Connie Marie KELLY, Shelia JOHNSON, Bridget Mary McCORMACK

Education Board Candidates:
State Board of Education – Vote for 2
  • Michelle FECTEAU and Lupe RAMOS-MONTIGNY

MSU Board of Trustees- Vote for 2
  • Joel FERGUSON and Brian MOSALLAM

U of M Board of Regents – Vote for 2

Wayne State Board of Governors Vote for 2
  • Sandra Hughes O'BRIEN and Kim TRENT


#1 – Governor Snyder’s Emergency Manager Act – A “NO” vote will repeal it

#2 – Guarantees collective bargaining rights in the state Constitution and repeals some anti-union laws already in place. A “YES” vote is recommended

#3 – 25% of state’s energy to be by renewables such as wind, solar, hydro, etc. by 2025. A “YES” vote is recommended.

#4 - Establish Michigan Quality Home Care Council & provide for collective bargaining for in-home care workers. A YES” vote is recommended.

#5 - Change voting rules of the Michigan House & Senate and state wide referendum questions concerning taxes, requiring 2/3 majority. A “NO” vote is recommended.

#6 - Require vote of the people on all international bridge projects. A “YES” vote is recommended.

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