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Monday, November 19, 2012

Moving Forward ... Where will the MDP find New Voters ?

Well, it's over, for now. However, the mid-term elections of 2014 will either strengthen or weaken President Obama's administration. The Republicans are busy trying to decide where to begin to re-craft their image/message without changing who they are. This means the Democrats have some lead time to begin creating a strategy to take out more Republicans in 2014.
Here in Northern Michigan the "target" remains Dr. Dan Benishek.
Having lost the election against Benishek by less than a full percentage point, Democrats are anxious to have another go at him. The sooner a candidate emerges the sooner the fund raising can begin - again.
Key to the Dems strategy has to be using this time to register new/ emerging voters. A strategic demographic has to be the Native vote as many remain unregistered.  How to accomplish this ? Well, first of all the Native American population continues to be largely distrustfull of the government for many reasons and prefer to remain on Reservation and detached.
This is not apathy - this is anger - generations of it.
The Democratic Party needs to find a way to reach and engage these potential voters with a message that resonates but more than that a message that represents a change in their lives. Where to begin ? Who should the messenger be ? Does the MDP State Central Committee even have a Native American member to it's credit ? Hello MDP ... are you listening ?


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