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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hold onto your ... "Seats" in 2013 !

We all breathed a sigh of relief when the crazies lost the general election in November 2012 but before we can allow ourselves to feel even remotely relaxed it's my unfortunate task to inform you that we have a rough political year ahead of us.
LOCAL - There is an Alcona County school millage election in February ( I will write more about this in a few days ) which is critical for Alcona schools  - including students and school employees - everybody has skin in this game.
STATE - Michigan is still controlled by the NAZI Party ( MNP a.k.a. Michigan Republican Party and Der Furher ( a.k.a. Governor Snyder ) has signed a plethora of bills into law which range from bizarre & crazy to the execution of Democracy and the internment of civil liberties. This is the year that the Michigan Democratic Party REALLLLY needs to get it's act together and begin to field candidates worthy of the office they are running for. The clock is ticking and so there will be an opportunity to take out two problem children in 2014 - Moolenaar & Pettalia. In Northern Michigan we need to be asking some hard questions of the MDP & ourselves and establich a cross-regional dialogue between County Party's. There is something wrong with Northern Michigan politics that only Northern Michigan politicians can fix ( are you listening Mark Brewer ? ).
NATIONAL - Where to begin ? The Republicans were on the ropes and instead of pretty much finishing them off  Obama spanked them and gave them candy. My hair is on fire over this ! I would never want Obama to negotiate my union contract and I am seriously upset about the other things he will be "negotiating" in the months ahead. 'Nuff said for now - I'm just sayin' that if you thought 2012 was a nail biter then you'd better hitch up yer britches !
Feel free to respond and let me know what you're thinking - all COMMENTS are welcome !

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