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Friday, September 14, 2012

2012 Democratic Voting Guide

Tuesday November  6th

Federal Candidates:

  • President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden
  • Senator Debbie Stabenow
  • Your Democratic congressional candidate

1st Congressional District  - Gary McDowell
106th State House District - Ken Hubbard

Michigan Supreme Court:

  • Connie Marie Kelley
  • Shelia             Johnson
  • Bridget Mary McCormack
  • ******************************************************************

Ballot Proposals:

  •  "NO" on proposals 1 and 5.
  • "YES" on proposals 2 and 4.
  • See attached for information on Proposal #3 and #6
  • *****************************************************************

Education Board Candidates:

  • State Board of Education –
  • Michelle Fecteau and Lupe Ramos-Montigny
  • MSU Board of Trustees-
  • Joel Ferguson and Brian Mosallam
  • U of M Board of Regents –
  • Mark Bernstein and Shauna Ryder Diggs
  • Wayne State Board of Governors
  • Sandra Hughes O'Brien and Kim Trent
  • ******************************************************************
PROPOSAL   #3 – “25 by 2025” Renewable Energy

Opposed by 180 organizations & individuals led by Consumers Power and DTE including Farm Bureau, Michigan Chamber of Commerce and Michigan Manufacturers Association. Neither political Party has taken a position on this question.

OPPONENTS say : this is “radical” and would make Michigan the only state to mandate a renewable energy standard … natural gas & coal prices are at an all time low …of 1,200 coal fired jobs, 300-350 could be lost by 2017 … Opposed by AMWAY and western Michigan groups.


25% of state’s energy would come through renewable energy by 2025 … would limit rate increases to a maximum of 1% per year while producing power from wind, solar, biomass and hydro power … wind and solar create manufacturing , installation & maintenance jobs …renewable energy is good for the environment … Does not contribute to global warming …MSU study says it will create thousands of jobs and generate $10.3 billion in new investments … would lower mfg. costs … supported by UAW, state and national environmental groups.

A “YES” vote is recommended.


The measure will ask voters if they want to approve PUBLIC ACT 4 of 2011, the state’s revised emergency manager law.

Opponents say that the law usurps the votes and democratic process in affected communities by imposing managers with dictatorial power paid at exhorbatant salaries.

The Republican party recommends a “YES” vote.

The Democratic Party and the UAW recommends a “NO” vote.

 A “NO” vote will repeal the law.


PROPOSAL # 2 Guarantee Right to Collectively Bargain

This is a union backed measure that guarantees  collective bargaining rights in the state Constitution and repeals some anti-union laws already in place.

Supported by UAW & Democratic Party

Opposed by Republican Party

A “YES” vote is recommended


PROPOSAL # 4  Establish Michigan Quality Home Care Council & provide for collective

                                            Collective bargaining for in-home care workers.


Backed by UAW & Democratic Party

Opposed by Republican Party


A “YES” vote is recommended



PROPOSAL# 5  Require 2/3 vote to raise taxes

Would change voting rules of the Michigan House & Senate and state wide referendum questions concerning taxes, requiring 2/3 majority.


Republicans have not taken a position on this question.

Opposed by UAW & Democratic Party.


 A “NO” vote is recommended.


PROPOSAL # 6  Require vote of the people on all international bridge projects

Would require a vote of the people ( a referendum ) to approve any state spending on any international bridge projects.

Note : Governor Snyder has said he WILL enter into an agreement with Canada to build a new bridge. There is a chance that Michigan could end up paying for it ).

The UAW, Democrats & Republicans did not take a position on this.


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