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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Midnight Ramblings ...

I’m sure there are people and organizations the Republican Party hasn’t insulted or offended yet but I can’t think of any. Having said that, I must admit that the past decade has been as politically surreal and abstract as anything I could ever have imagined. What makes it so, for me, is that I always allowed myself to believe the American people would not tolerate the kind of people and organizations which so closely resemble those elements  in ‘30s Italy, Japan and Germany which embroiled the world in that conflagration, World War II.

As a northern city boy I never imagined that people were treated cruelly, persecuted, oppressed and that our government would allow bigotry and prejudice to become institutionalized in law. I initially believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin. It was after JFK’s murder that I read Mark Lane’s book, “Rush To Judgement” and began a personal quest to find the truth behind the death of my hero, John F. Kennedy. It’s never easy to be confronted with the cold, cruel truth and to see the world for what it is, what it has become and just how little stands between democracy and insanity.

Now, Michigan teeters on the precipice of a deep abyss controlled by people who want do dis-assemble all the good that has been done for over a century . I’m reminded of an old Chinese proverb, “ One generation plants a tree and another sits in it’s shade”. Today, as the “baby boomer” generation reaches it’s golden years and settles into the shade of the tree planted by our parents in the 50’s, the fruits of their labors,  the conservatives have begun chopping down those trees so that “shade” will be denied to this and future generations.

Representative Peter Pettalia (R)  is one who belongs to that group of destroyers. He is running for re-election to the 106th Michigan House of Representatives … to represent us. I can assure you I did not vote for him and he does not reflect my beliefs and values. He is deeply embedded amongst that group who have taken our state from us and he must be defeated in November.

Ken Hubbard is a Democrat from Alpena who has the courage to stand for election and he deserves our support and our vote on November 6th. I met Ken at a meet & greet in Harrisville last week and I am confident that he will serve this 106th District well if elected. I hope you will encourage your friends and relatives to vote for Ken Hubbard on November 6th and to deny Rep. Pettalia the ability to further destroy this District, this state and the lives of Michigan residents.

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